Welcome! My name is Tina Marquis and I am running for Boulder Valley School Board, District B.

For the last 4 years, I have participated in my children's School Accountability Committee, as well as the District Accountability Committee, chairing both committees last year. I continue to be thankful for the wonderful schools we enjoy and hope to help to continue their excellence. With my experience working with diverse community members, parents, teachers, district staff and current Board Members, and as the parent of two children, I will be an active and thoughtful addition to the Board. Here are some of the issues that I believe are important:

Every child learns and grows, every day

I am passionate about ensuring that every child in BVSD has the opportunity to learn and grow, every day. As a parent of two elementary school children, I am deeply interested in how the district creates and implements policies to support our kids both in academic and social/emotional development. I also believe that high quality education for every student in BVSD, and our country for that matter, is fundamental to a successful, tolerant and vibrant community and democracy.

Alignment and transparency of goals, strategies and metrics

As a board member, I will strive to ensure that policies are in alignment with our district goals. I will pay particular attention to how policies and strategies are being measured over time to make sure the district continues to focus on the most effective options to achieve its goals. An area that I am particularly interested in includes Early Childhood Education. I look forward to seeing how the program meets our expected outcomes of closing the achievement gap, and how the program evolves. In addition, I look forward to encouraging schools to share best practices regularly, and will expect transparency regarding policies, budgets, measurement, and decisions in general that impact our students, parents, community and staff.

Vital partnerships

We are fortunate to live in an area with thriving local businesses, innovative start-ups, non-profits and CU. We also have engaged and caring community members. Already, BVSD has some great programs with CU. As a Board Member, I hope to help facilitate even more ways for the district and BVSD to partner with the goal of providing richer opportunities for our diverse student body.

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